Hello, welcome to Ancora!



Ancora Transitional Services seeks to:

  • Provide educational and training services to individuals in need of employment.
  • Augment marketable skills that can be used by program participants in search of economic stability.
  • Provide case management to program participants in need of resource planning and referral services.
  • Effectively transition Ancora Inc. participants out of the program into independent employment.

We do this by:

  • Networking with local businesses and establishing paid internship positions for program participants.
  • Opening, operating, and managing a commercial bakery that will be staffed by program participants for 16-week periods.
  • Providing professional training that will help program participants gain proficiency in a myriad of employment skills including:
    • cooking
    • baking
    • maintaining a sanitary work environment
    • delivery of catering orders
    • customer service
    • cash-handling
  • Offering case management that involves resume building, participation in job fairs, and mock-interview training in an effort to achieve improved job attainment outcomes.
  • Offering training and assistance free-of-charge and paying hourly wages to program participants who work at either the commercial bakery and internship sites.
  • Engaging program participants in transition services and supportive aftercare by assisting them in seeking gainful employment following the end of the 16-week employment program period.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our program. We are here to help!

Phone: 505 465 9117